i'm the book you always opened but you never read
  • sam-rudich:

    Alcoa (Derek from Defeater)  - We Speak The Same

    I’m so sick and so fucking tired.

    I’ve accepted that I am a liar, a cheat and a thief.

    and I am buried beneath my disease

    and my god-damn denial.

  • Patrick Flynn of Have Heart (via goofygoobercore)

    (Source: youtube.com, via goofygoobercore)

  • "The Holiday season always rains down heavy on the people who feel most alone. For the people that feel like life is taking forever. But if you are tired, and sick of sleeping in your four walls, watching the pain come by slowly leaving you dry, and up and up, don’t listen to a fucking word anyone says, except for the words screaming from your heart. This song is about a boy who decided to become a man."
  • Parker Cannon Releases Hardcore Demo Under ‘Snarl’


    Yesterday we told you that Parker Cannon has a hardcore side-project called Snarl. Today he has posted that demo online. Stream it by clicking Read More.

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  • "you’re lovely and everything i’ll ever need" front porch step - private fears in public place

  • Front Porch Step - Lullaby
  • "I don’t have a heart. I gave it to you long ago. 
I’m so in love with you, I just thought that you should know"
  • a mix of songs whose lyrics really make you feel something and make you want to scream them at the top of your lungs.

    ~listen here~

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  • woy woy mirip kan mirip kannnnnn😊😊😊

  • "People miss you more when they see how much happier you are without them."
  • pxzvc:



    @officialrandl starts tomorrow! We play on the Main Stage at 12:00-12:40 (leeds Friday) (reading Sunday) see you there maybe?

    tai kan:))

    iseng iseng buka tumblr yang keluar ginian :))

    pas banget taik wkwk😂